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Bios Lenovo

On this website you can get lenovo bios file. You only need to wait 120 seconds to download files on Google Drive. please help this website continue to grow because this website only contains adsense ads without sponsors or other donor support. All of these files will be updated regularly according to progress, therefore progress for this website is very important, don't forget to bookmark this website and also share it with friends who need it.
  1. Thinkpad L420 Bios DAGC9EMB8E0 Rev.E
  2. Lenovo Yoga 3 Bios 14NM-A381
  3. Thinkpad L512 Bios DA0GC8MB8E0 Rev.E
  4. Thinkpad T420 Bios LNVH-41-AB5700-H00G
  5. Lenovo 100 CG410 Bios NM-A681
  6. Lenovo G580 Bios Wistron LG4858
  7. Lenovo G470 Bios LA-6759P
  8. Thinkpad E125 Bios DAFL8AMB8D0 Rev.D
  9. Lenovo E10 Bios BM5387 Rev.1.2
  10. Lenovo 330s 15IKB Bios MAXP-MB V.04 Rev.SVT
  11. Lenovo Ideapad 100 Bios CG410 CG510 NM-A681
  12. Lenovo V4000 Bios LA-C282P
  13. Lenovo AIO V530 24ICB Bios
  14. Lenovo Ideapad 300 Bios
  15. Lenovo Ideapad 330s 15ARR Bios
  16. Lenovo S510P Bios LS41P 12293-1
  17. Lenovo Z360 Bios DALL7AMB6E0
  18. Lenovo Ideapad 3-14IGL05 Bios NM-C961
  19. Lenovo 320 14IKB Bios NM-B321
  20. Lenovo 300s LT41 Bios SKL-14292-1
  21. Lenovo 320s-13 Bios 1701A-05-01
  22. Lenovo B40-80 Bios LA-B092P Rev.3.0
  23. Lenovo G470 Bios LA-6751P Rev.2.0
  24. Lenovo G41 Bios NM-A401
  25. Lenovo 110-15IBR Bios CG420 NM-A805 Rev.1.0
  26. Lenovo 330 EG430 Bios NM-B731
  27. Lenovo S530-13IWL Bios LA-G651P
  28. Lenovo Ideapad S145 Bios
  29. Lenovo V14-ADA Bios NM-D151 Rev.1.0
  30. Lenovo S210 Bios BM-5290 Bios
  31. Lenovo V110 LV114A Bios MB-15270-1
  32. Lenovo V130-14IGM Bios DLMV3 LA-F483P
  33. Lenovo Yoga 300-11IBR Bios BM-5488
  34. Lenovo Idepad V330-15ISK Bios
  35. Lenovo Z400 Bios LA-9061P
  36. Lenovo G40-80 Bios NM-A362
  37. Lenovo G40-45 Bios NM-A281 Rev.1.0
  38. Lenovo Ideapad G50-80 Bios
  39. Lenovo B490 Bios 11236-1M
  40. Lenovo Flex 5-15ALC05 Bios LC56-14A
  41. Lenovo G400 Bios LA-9632P
  42. Lenovo G475 AMD Bios LA-6755P
  43. Lenovo G505 Bios LA-9912P